Meet our healing family.

Jessie Mejias

Prayer Counselor and Teacher

Jessie’s passion and gifts are to bring healing to the body of Christ. She has a long-standing reputation as a strong and godly woman with discernment in hearing from God through words, dreams and visions. She draws on her own experience of God’s ability to heal and restore as she walks with many through their life struggles and helps them find the way to wholeness.

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Denise Stanford

Prayer Counselor and Teacher

Denise is committed to excellence and has a proven track record in program management, curriculum development, corporate training, facilitation, and administration. Her professional experience includes developing and instructing courses for public and private organizations and women’s professional groups.

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Board of Directors

Jessie Mejias

President and Chairperson
Mrs. Jessie Mejias is the Founder and Director of SunodĂ­a Prayer Counseling and is serving as President of the Board.

Becky Fisher

Vice President
Mrs. Becky Fisher has been with Sunodía’s Board of Directors since 2011, and is currently serving as Vice-President of the Board.

Denise Stanford

Ms. Denise Stanford has been with SunodĂ­a's Board of Directors since 2018, and is currently serving as Secretary of the Board.

Linda Bah

Mrs. Linda Bah has been a member of Sunodía’s Board of Directors since 2022. 

Debra Franklin-Rothrock

Mrs. Debra Franklin-Rothrock has been with Sunodía’s Board of Directors since 2019, and is currently serving as Treasurer of the Board.

Spiritual Advisory Board

Dr. Mark Virkler
Director, Communion with God Ministries, Buffalo, NY
President, Christian Leadership University, Orlando, FL

Fr. Nigel Mumford
Director, By His Wounds Ministry, Virginia Beach, VA

Ms. Lois Hochstatter
Director, Healing Heart Ministry, White Bear Lake, MN

Rev. Julián Bermudez
Director, Two Hearts One Life Ministries, Bradenton, FL