Become a prayer counselor.

Apply to the Sunodía School of Ministry

The church needs leaders in inner healing 

Each one of God's people needs a safe space to work through past hurts and heal the wounds of their heart. They need a place free of judgment, shame, and gossip.

You can help create that safe space in the local church by training to become a prayer counselor. Learn how to actively listen and gently guide people toward connection with their divine healer, God Himself. 

3 Paths to Becoming a Prayer Counselor

Principles of Prayer Counseling

An 11-month intensive school. 

Enrolling in the Sunodía school is a first step in responding to God’s call to work with Him to "heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free" (Isaiah 61:1) Sunodía School is for you if you want to:

  • Experience inner healing prayer for yourself and learn how to minister to others
  • Learn about the dynamics of small groups and the skills needed for those who want to be people helpers
  • Become part of a community of like-minded individuals who are all seeking to expand the reach of healing prayer in our world.

Pray about joining Principles of Prayer Counseling for the upcoming year at the Sunodía School of Ministry.



An 11-month mentoring program for people interested in a healing prayer ministry.

The Internship program is for anyone who has had some training in inner healing prayer, either with Sunodía Prayer Counseling (as in the course Principles of Prayer Counseling) or with other ministries. Interns will be mentored by a seasoned prayer counselor while acquiring more tools for facilitating healing prayer.

Become an intern if you:
  • want to be better equipped before starting your own inner healing prayer ministry and have already gone through training in inner healing prayer
  • want to be better equipped before developing a healing prayer team at your church and have already gone through training in inner healing prayer 
  • Already have an inner healing prayer ministry and want to be mentored for more effectiveness

Field Experience

A one-semester internship for graduate students and PhD candidates.

The Field Experience program is an internship for graduate students and PhD candidates. Student interns will practice leading others in healing prayer, under the supervision of a seasoned prayer counselor. After studying various inner healing models, interns will create their own teaching based on their research.