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Spend a year learning how to serve God's people as a prayer counselor.

No matter your experience level with yoga, we’ve got a class for you!

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You can partner with God to transform lives.


Build a prayer counseling ministry that is:


Safe:  Creating an environment of trusting relationships

Spirit-led:  Listening to the Holy Spirit for creative solutions

Mature:  Led with responsibility and healthy self-awareness

Interning under Jessie was an invaluable experience. Observing her ministry and having her supervision while I minister, was a learning experience I could have never gained from a class or seminar. Not only did she equip me to counsel others,  but she facilitated growth in my personal relationship with the Lord. I learned so much about myself and Gods design for me, equipping me to minister from a place of intimacy and tried-and-true experience with the Lord.  She created accountability, exemplified Spirit-led ministry, and taught me to grow in my ability to hear God’s voice. I will be forever grateful for her spiritual impact in my life both as an individual and as someone who ministers to others.

Alyssa F, 2022-2023 intern

Healing is essential to discipleship.


Imagine a church filled with healthy leaders offering prayer counseling as a regular part of Christian growth.

We want to see that.

The Sunodía School of Ministry Internship trains people to be used by God in His work of healing the broken-hearted and setting captives free.

As an intern, your focus will be assisting others in finding and dealing with the root causes of relationship problems. You'll co-labor with the Holy Spirit, expecting to see real change in the lives of those who come to you for prayer.

You will get to be part of the  process of God making people whole from the inside out. Your work will support:

  • your church
  • your community
  • Sunodía Prayer Counseling

You will learn about prayer counseling and gain valuable insights into the operations of a small charitable organization.

As a trained intern, you'll be eligible for consideration as a prayer counselor with Sunodía. You may also choose to serve with your local church or start a prayer counseling ministry of your own. 


STEP 1: Read the details and pray.


Learn about the Sunodía internship.


STEP 2:  Apply.

Note: If you are a Sunodía graduate, please contact Jessie Mejias before applying.  


Sunodía Internship Application


STEP 3:  Watch your email for further information.