You might have heard the phrase “the prophetic” or prophecy and wondered what it meant. The simplest definition of prophecy is “hearing God for the sake of others” – something God has called many people to do. God uses prophecy to communicate with us. Prophecy is about more than future events – it’s about bringing people together and into God’s plan and purposes.

How can you start to explore the prophetic? Sunodía offers this opportunity through Practical Prophetic Training, a class that makes it possible for you to learn about prophetic gifts in a group setting. Expect simple, transformational information how every believer can learn to engage the prophetic; what the prophetic looks like in the church; and how to see the prophetic flourish in a mature way.
We’d love to teach you about prophetic gifting and how God can use it in your life and others’. Contact us to learn about upcoming courses.

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