Find freedom in your prophetic gifts by learning how to use them to strengthen the body of Christ! Sunodía has a series of prophetic training courses that will help you get started.

Practical Prophetic Training is a class that makes it possible for you to put the prophetic into practice in a group setting. Expect simple, transformational information how every believer can learn to engage the prophetic; what the prophetic looks like in the church; and how to see the prophetic flourish in a mature way. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in group exercises, ask questions, and come to a new understanding of the prophetic.

Elijah House Prophetic School is a teaching from Elijah House Ministries that helps people who are prophetic understand their role in the body of Christ. Each lesson will bring you to a closer understanding of how to distinguish between true and false prophecy, and how to use prophetic gifts the way God intended.

Understanding the Prophetic, Part 2 is a follow-up to the Elijah House Prophetic School class. You will continue to learn about the general concept of the prophetic, come to understand the prophet’s role in church ministry, and discover how to use the prophetic to bring others to freedom in Christ.
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