The gift of prophecy comes from the Holy Spirit, and is something God wants all of his family to get in touch with. Being prophetic means getting in touch with the Lord for the sake of others, and communicating to bring them closer to Him.

How can I know if I’m prophetic? You may wonder. How can you find out if you are and what you are hearing is prophetic? It helps to seek guidance from other believers who understand and use the prophetic in healthy, helpful ways. You might get started with the Elijah House Prophetic School, a teaching from Elijah House Ministries that helps people who are prophetic understand their role in the body of Christ. Or explore Practical Prophetic Training, a class that makes it possible for you to put the prophetic into practice in a group setting. You’ll learn simple, transformational information how every believer can learn to engage the prophetic, and what the prophetic should look like in the church. Contact us for more information on upcoming classes.

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