Marriage counseling can transform your marriage by bringing God to the center of your relationship. Letting Him free you from baggage of the past will help you and your spouse start to see what a spiritually and emotionally healthy marriage looks like. When you and your spouse work with a Sunodía prayer counselor, you will be led on a journey to freedom from any fear, shame, distractions, or inherited problems that inhibit the marriage God has in mind for you.

By working through four focused sessions with a prayer counselor, you will receive wisdom, guidance, and prayer to lead you towards the depth of relationship you were meant to have. Each session with your prayer counselor will deal with one of the following areas:

  • Breaking inherited patterns and habits
  • Recognizing and coping with old defense mechanisms
  • Separating from unhealthy connections to people and past relationships
  • Setting healthy boundaries with your family of origin

Each session lasts up to two hours and consists of brief instruction followed by prayer counseling. In some cases, the prayer counselor may recommend additional sessions for one or both clients separately.

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