Everyone dreams! Dreams have such value in revealing issues of which we’re not consciously aware. Dreams are also an important way we hear from God. As we see in the Bible, God used dreams to direct, warn and guide people. Free of the rational side of your mind, your dreams can put you in touch with your true heart and let you hear God speak into your life.

Using Christian dream interpretation, Sunodía prayer counselors can help you discern your own personal dream symbols and interpret what’s going on beneath the surface that God wants you to know. Interpreting your dreams with a biblical perspective can help you receive healing, warnings, or guidance for decisions. You could also be called to repentance, get a glimpse of things to come, or simply get a comforting message of God’s love for you.

To get started, write down your dream as soon as possible after waking up, in as much detail as you can. Include the emotions you felt, and what in the dream stood out most for you. Be sure to make note if the dream is recurring.

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