Our relationships of the past often have a way of affecting those of the present. Couples counseling at Sunodía is a way to find freedom from past hurts and experiences that have found their way into your current relationship.
We go beyond the traditional patterns of couples counseling. By praying through specific problem areas, the prayer counselor will work with you to understand and identify weak points so the Lord can enter in and make your relationship stronger. It’s all about bringing you and your significant other to a place of emotional health and spiritual freedom, where you can fully express your love for one another.

Each session lasts up to two hours and consists of brief instruction followed by prayer counseling. In some cases, the prayer counselor may recommend additional sessions for one or both clients separately. Couples counseling is available for singles or couples who are pre-engaged, engaged or married. If only if only one partner seeks to work through problem areas, it can still be a very effective ministry.

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