Were you wounded and dishonored as a child? Are you afraid that you have done – or are doing – the same to your children? Do you think it’s too late to repair your relationship with your children?

In these lessons, Mark and Maureen Sandford of Elijah House Ministries deliver a message of hope — that it’s not too late for parents to heal their children’s hearts at any age. From tips for new parents in healthy training of children, to the repair of spiritual injuries to adult children, these lessons shift the focus from who to blame for what has gone wrong to how to restore honor and Godly interactions to family relationships.

These teachings will equip not only young parents, but also grandparents, step-parents, foster parents, and even fatherly and motherly mentors, to become wellsprings of healing for their children’s hearts. Each lesson identifies problems, offers solutions, and poses questions to guide you in bringing wholeness to the priceless gift that is the next generation.

Contact us to sign up for Healing the Hearts of Our Children Richmond, classes held here at Sunodía and around the community.

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